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linux: find out file permissions numbers

When dealing with file on Linux you eventually will handle file permissions in multiple situations. Although the default permission schema shown by the command ls tends to be more intuitive given its verbosity, using a more simple view based on the permissions number might be faster (if you are familiar with it). For example, lets take… Continue reading linux: find out file permissions numbers

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linux: libclang on Ubuntu

libclang is the C/C++ Interface to Clang. In order to avoid the following error: Use one of the solutions below, according your architecture: On x86_64: On ppc64le: More about Clang can be found at


linux: resizing image files in batch mode

I did the following using Fedora 25: 1 – Install ImageMagick 2 – I needed to replace all the spaces located in the files names: 3 – Then I finally resized all the files to 45% of the original size, adding a the resized prefix in each one:    


x86_64: Intel’s endless tock tock tock

Tick-Tock is a model used by Intel to follow every change to the micro-architecture[1] with a die shrink of the process technology. Every tick represents a shrinking of the process technology of the previous micro-architecture and every tock designated a new micro architecture. According Seeking Alpha, Intel is stuck on tock and won’t move to… Continue reading x86_64: Intel’s endless tock tock tock

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power: creating an OpenStack Debian Image

Debian is a free and well known operating system with great stability. OpenStack  allows controlling large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter. This post describe the necessary steps to create and run an Debian 8 image on OpenStack, both running on POWER8 processor. Create a Debian Image The first step is to… Continue reading power: creating an OpenStack Debian Image